honeybakedboys said: I just watched the Geography Club movie and it was really good, except I am so angry. Like REALLY they didn't end up together? I mean I just ordered the book and I plan on reading the whole series now but REALLY?? Did you have to tear my heart out with that ending? I can't get over how upset I am that Kevin didn't go to the meeting. I shipped them so hard. Thanks for ruining my life. I hope I don't have anymore heartbreak with the books.

Hi Honeybaked:

Sorry you didn’t like the ending. At the time, it made sense to me, but I agree it’s very bittersweet. If you do read the books in the series (and I really hope you do!), you’ll see there are some happy endings, and some sad ones. But the “final” book, THE ELEPHANT OF SURPRISE, has an ending I think you’ll like.



Anonymous said: and is it problaby tht the geography club 2 movie will up coming next?, when? i hope u text me with good news, tnks brent , ANDREW JUNG againt

It’s possible, but not likely. No plans just yet.

Anonymous said: i just so interested with ur russel book series, but the fifth book its too short to be novel, because i really want the story about kevin an russel continue in tht book but its not really happend, why bren read?. i just read the fourth book but i think tht the story just stuck or not complete, wht happen next? with russel and kevin, otto, and it just make me so upset tht it happy ending or not with them. so u want to write the next series about them ? , tnks brent, ANDREW JUNG

Hi Andrew:

I think I already answered you via email, but the fifth story, TWO THOUSAND POUNDS PER SQUARE INCH, isn’t a “book” — it’s just a short story, part of my safe sex campaign, The Real Story Safe Sex Project.

The fifth “book” will be out in December, but I confess I still don’t have a final title for it!


tracy-strauss said: As you were writing the series, what celebrities did you envision as Russel and Gunnar and Min and their love interests??

Hi Tracy:

I didn’t really think of celebrities or actors — I was thinking of the characters I had created in my head. They look very very specific to me! It wasn’t until the casting of the movie (or the casting of the play before that) that I had to think in terms of, “What actor would do a good job playing this character?” But even once we reached that stage, it was more about who could convey the “feeling” they give me (and hopefully the reader), not necessarily the way they physically look.

Does that make sense?


tracy-strauss said: Hello from Scotland! I discovered the Russel Middlebrook series though the movie, and I love them! Ive just finished the 3rd book and waiting to get the 4th one ordered. Ive been raving about them to my friends and even got one of them to read it. I just want to say thank you, because I've never been able to relate to a book series more. Normally I dont really identify with fictional characters but I see a bit of myself in Russel, Min and Gunnar, Cant wait to read the 4th one & 5th when its out!

Hello, Tracy! I’ve never been Scotland, but it’s definitely on my list of places to visit very soon!

And you are very very welcome. It’s incredibly sweet of you to write and say such nice things. Honestly, every writer likes to hear that people are recommending their books. It’s really the highest compliment, and so important in a career like mine. So thank YOU.

Hope you enjoy the next few books. :-)



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Anonymous said: youre so amazing

That is EXTREMELY nice of you to say! 

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adorkable-panda said: Not really an ask, just a thank you for creating the Russell Middlebrook series, I stumbled upon the movie one late night on Netflix and I went out and purchased the entire series so far and I'm excited for the next installment! You are truly inspiring.

Thank you! That’s really nice of you to say. The whole movie experience was a really interesting and positive one. And I’m so happy it’s led lots of new folks to discover the books. :-)

Anonymous said: Can you please tell us some sneak peak of the upcoming book #5?

Well, I don’t have a final title yet, but I can tell you that it takes place the summer after graduation (a year and a half after THE ELEPHANT OF SURPRISE). Gunnar is a millionaire now, having invented a popular iPhone ap, and he invites Russel, Kevin, Min, and Em on a backcountry expedition in search of Bigfoot (his latest obsession). Complications, romantic and otherwise! More details soon.